In an emergency please dial 999 first to activate an ambulance response!

Always call 999 first in the case of an accident or medical emergency when a person is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk. In a situation where you think someone may be having a heart attack or stroke, call 999 immediately.

If you feel that a GP is required for emergency care please call the surgery on +353 21 4772717 or outside surgery hours contact the SouthDoc out-of-hours GP service on 1850 335 999

Christmas Holiday Arrangements

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Christmas Holiday Arrangements

Local Doctors are working with the Southdoc Out-of-Hours GP service to provide an emergency service over the Christmas period. SOUTHDOC TEL: 0818 355 999

Saturday 23rd Dec South Doc

Sunday 24th Dec Christmas Eve South Doc

Monday 25th Dec Christmas Day South Doc

Tuesday 26th Dec St Stephen’s Day South Doc

Wednesday 27th Dec Normal Surgery Hours

Thursday 28th Dec Normal Surgery Hours

Friday 29th Dec Normal Surgery Hours

Saturday 30th Dec South Doc

Sunday 31st Dec New Year’s Eve South Doc

Monday 1st Jan New Year’s Day South Doc

Surgery hours for routine appointments will resume Tuesday 2nd January 2024