In an emergency please dial 999 first to activate an ambulance response!

Always call 999 first in the case of an accident or medical emergency when a person is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk. In a situation where you think someone may be having a heart attack or stroke, call 999 immediately.

If you feel that a GP is required for emergency care please call the surgery on +353 21 4772717 or outside surgery hours contact the SouthDoc out-of-hours GP service on 1850 335 999

Medico-Legal Reports

If you are pursuing a medico-legal matter, such as in the case of an accident or injury, your solicitor may need to request a medical report from the doctor.  It may be necessary to make an appointment to see the doctor for an assessment prior to the report being finalised.  

All costs associated with medico-legal reports are dealt with by the solicitor concerned and the patient directly and no such costs are covered under the medical card scheme.

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