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Covid Booster Walk-In Clinic Update

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Covid Booster Walk-In Clinics at Market Place & Haven Bay Surgeries

We will be offering mRNA Covid Booster Vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna to our patients. In-line with NIAC guidelines and the supply of vaccines we have received from the HSE, patients aged 30 years and over will receive the Moderna vaccine and patients under 30 years will receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Covid Booster Clinics will be operating at both Market Place Surgery and Haven Bay Surgery on a walk-in basis at the following times and dates:

Morning 9am to 12pm. Afternoon 2pm to 5pm.

Wednesday 22nd December

Thursday 23rd December

Wednesday 29th December

Thursday 30th December

The HSE has supplied us with vaccines for patients of Market Place Surgery. We will NOT be in a position to offer booster vaccines to patients who are not registered with us.


Walk-in clinics allow us to vaccinate as many of our patients as possible within a short time frame over the Christmas and New Year period. Queues will be unavoidable, however we will have a team of vaccinators at both surgery sites in an effort to keep queues as short as possible.

Please remember:

It will be necessary for our antenatal patients to contact the surgery and make a booking for the Covid booster vaccination.

The interval between a second dose and the Booster Dose is 3 months with the exception of patients who were diagnosed with Covid-19 infection.