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Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout Update

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Covid-19 Vaccines Rollout Update - Registration for people aged 45 to 69

If you are aged 45 or older, you can now register to get a free COVID-19 vaccine.

People aged 40 to 44 years can register during the coming week.

The HSE are asking people to register on specific days to help with management of demand and make it easier for everyone to register.

To register online you need:

A mobile phone number, an email address, your PPS number, your Eircode. If you do not have these things, call theĀ COVID-19 helplineĀ to register by phone instead.

For further information about the HSE Covid vaccine rollout schedule, please use the following link:

For further information about the Covid-19 vaccination please use the following link:

Covid-19 Helpline: 1850 24 1850