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Covid-19 Vaccination Update

by Market Place Surgery Surgery News Community News

Covid-19 Vaccination Programme 2021 Update

At present we are vaccinating those in the 75 to 79 year age group, in-line with the HSE rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations. We hope to have fully vaccinated this age group within the next two weeks before moving on to the 70 to 74 years age group by mid-April.

If you are between 70 and 79 years, you don’t need to register in advance. We will be contacting our patients in this age group by telephone to arrange an appointment time to attend the surgery.

COVID-19 vaccination will be offered to more groups as soon as possible. Supplies of vaccines are limited at this time. Vaccines will be given as the supply arrives in Ireland. There will be no build-up of stock. The rollout of vaccines will only be limited by supply.

We have been advised by the HSE that the Covid-19 vaccines supplied for our patients over 70 years will be mRNA vaccines.

For further information about the Covid-19 vaccination please use the following link: